• Victorious Photography Exhibition

    Posted by Sol Invictus

    Victorious, hosted at m2 Gallery on Thursday 28 May 2015, was a motorcycle inspired photography exhibition curated by Sol Invictus. The exhibition sought to celebrate the many angles of motorcycle enthusiasm, from the bikes we ride to the people who ride them.

    Adorning the walls of the Surry Hills gallery were photographs by Cole Bennetts, Cam Elkins from Stories of Bike, Kate Disher-Quill, Heleana Genaus from In Venus Veritas and Billy Zammit. All five photographers have been influential in documenting the burgeoning custom motorcycle scene in Australia, providing their own unique take on the people behind the movement and the machines that embody their passion. Also present was the Murray's Craft Brewing Mercury, painted by Sydney artist Mike Watt, and a selection of hand painted tanks by Dave Kaziro of DeCreate Design.

    The evening was a celebration of the journey on two wheels, with over 300 guests visiting the gallery over the course of the 3-hour exhibition.

    Victorious was supported by local craft brewery Murray's Craft Brewing Co, Australia’s own premium vodka Alaskan Rock Vodka, Trolley’d Mobile Bar Service and Sydney retail institution The Stables.

    Event Photography courtesy of Toni Veziris.

  • The Murray's Craft Brewing Mercury

    Posted by Sol Invictus
    Murray's Craft Brewing are as much known for their unique take on beer labels as they are for the tasty stuff inside their bottles. So when they decided to customise their own Mercury they enlisted the help of Sydney artist and Illustrator Mike Watt. Well known around Sydney's inner west for his iconic characters, Watt has also designed several beer labels for Murray's including Fred IPA and Clarence Session Tripel.

    Painted in one session at Redfern's the Bearded Tit, the end result is a rolling work of art - a hand painted extravaganza featuring a host of Murrays characters all intertwined on the one tank.