• BoomBoxx - Bring the Noise

    Posted by Sol Invictus
    BOOMBOXX is a one-off Nemesis 400 build commissioned by music company BMG Australia for their newly renovated Sydney HQ. The brief was simple - create the ultimate post-apocalyptic scrambler, a symbol of BMG's readiness to handle the new music world. We enlisted the help of Brisbane's Smoked Garage and the rest is history.
     The build started with a brand new Nemesis 400 Classic. To create the rat rod / barn find aesthetic the tank was taken, stripped to bare metal and rusted accordingly along with most of the metal on the bike. The stock headlight was replaced with a fabricated racing plate / front grill and aftermarket LED headlamp. The stock high bars were replaced with a custom chain cross bar feature and finished with Biltwell Torker grips.

    Front and rear guards have been dramatically shortened and re-positioned, the rear concealing a strip LED brakelight.

    The exhaust has been completely remade, with a custom 2 into 1 header (different to the stock Nemesis Scrambler system), finished with an after market muffler and heat wrap.

    Hand made leather satchels with exposed stitching from Port and Hide were included on both sides of the bike, replacing the stock side covers. A custom 2-tone flat toaster seat replaces the stock seat. Shinko dual sport tyres where employed to give the bike extra grip and height.

    MX style footpegs and an MX master cylinder complete the transformation.

  • Grey Ghost - Nemesis Cafe Racer

    Posted by Sol Invictus
    Custom Sol Invictus Nemesis 400
  • Sol Workshop Sessions - LIVE BUILD

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    Last Friday 20 July saw the inaugural Sol Workshop Session Live Build event kick off at our Camperdown store. With the shop packed to capacity we undertook the massive job of completing a custom Mercury 250 build, commissioned by our friends at Jagermeister in just 1 night.

    Adrian and Steve from Sol were joined by Brad and Faidon from Rising Sun Workshop to assist with the epic task. Also on hand was Dave from Bad Arse Trim Co. to upholster the seat on-site, Roger from Retro Line with some live pin striping and Sam from Colourfuel who provided the paintwork.

    We ended up completing the task in just on 2 hours!

    Big thanks to everyone who came out and to the supporters of the night Jagermeister, Pan Head Custom Ales and Rising Sun Workshop.

    Photography by Alexandra Adoncello.

    Sol Workshop Session

    The complete run down of the Mercury 250 build went something like this:

    1. Remove seat, tank, handlebars, mirrors, indicators, grips, side covers, rear mudguard & taillight, front guard and brackets, chain guard, exhaust, emissions unit, rear footpegs.
    2. Install clip ons, grips, Bar end indicators
    3. Upholster seat
    4. Install speedo
    5. Headlight bulbs swap
    6. Front fairing install
    7. Relocate horn
    8. Cut subframe
    9. Tack on new hoop
    10. Wire in taillight and indicators
    11. Remove stock muffler
    12. Weld on supporting bracket
    13. Wrap exhaust
    14. Install new muffler and exhaust
    15. Remove rear wheel, swap tyre and reinstall
    16. Remove front wheel, swap tyre and reinstall
    17. Install tank, new seat, rear cowl, side covers 
    18. Apply tank, fork and headlight decals
    19. Apply hager bottle cap on rear engine mount
    20. Start her up!